How do I allow list my domain on Workplace?

Allow listing grants Workplace admins without verified domains the ability for certain actions to be taken for Workplace that were previously restricted to only verified domains. However, it still doesn’t allow the full range of technical and administrative features that comes with verifying a domain, such as SSO.
If you're unable to or choose not to verify your domain, allow listing is an option that allows some control over Workplace creations. Allow listing still enables users to create new Workplaces under that email domain.
To allow list your domain:
  1. Click Admin Panel.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select the Email Domains tab.
  4. Under Allow List or Verify a Domain, enter the domain name and select Add Domain.
  5. In the next tab that opens, go to Allow List Multiple Domains and follow the instructions.
If you choose to allow list your domain, you can still verify it at any time.
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